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Sweets Kendamas - Prime Sports Stripe "Home Team"

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Sweets Prime Sport Stripe Home Team Kendama New 70/30 split prime with enhanced tracking lines in middle. Comes with extra string and stickers.

With Kendama, strategy is super important no matter what you buy. We have the best Kendama paint with the Prime Sticky Clear - Yes it's Tacky, which makes all tricks easier to learn. Prime Shape - Not just a great Kendama for beginners, this shape was designed for all tricks and is used by the Best players in the Game. This product comes with a replacement string and bead, instruction book and sticker. Sweets Kendamas supports the Kendama community by throwing and sponsoring events, sponsoring players, and spreading Kendama. A purchase from us supports the entire Kendama community.

  • SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION - High quality, 2-piece beech wood kendama design. Cups won't loosen over time - built to last.
  • STICKY PAINT - Custom Sport Stripe paint job offers excellent tack for all play levels. The stickiness helps beginners learn the basics faster, and experienced players are able to land advanced stall tricks like lighthouse and lunar.
  • DELUXE STRING - Strong, high quality string and bead that has been tested by the Pros. Extra string also included.
  • ORIGINAL USA BRAND - Sweets Kendamas has been designing and painting kendamas in Minneapolis, MN since 2010.
  • QUICK-START GUIDE - Great instruction guide for beginners, to learn the basics and progress quickly.