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Faaar from Roooz Planet Childrens Picture/Story Book

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The Rooozians come to life in this charming picture book. Adventurous, reckless Dooobi tells us about life on Roooz and the unfortunate decision that ended in an accidental visit to Earth. Whimsical illustrations and rollicking rhymes make this a book that children will want to read again and again!

The Rooozian family of plush toys is composed of MOOOBI, BELLLI, NOOOKI, POOOCHI, GOOOSHI and GOOODI, with more coming in 2019. 

ABOUT THE COMPANY: RooozPlanet makes high-quality toys and children’s apparel that encourage creativity, imagination and acceptance. Love and passion for our work drive everything we do.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER: RooozPlanet takes its name from Rooz Mousavi, a Los Angeles-based product designer with a big imagination. After graduating from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, he spent over 15 years working for big-name companies like Disney, Microsoft, Nokia, and Adidas. While he excelled in the corporate world, his true passion has always been for designing creatures. And so the Rooozians were born. Rooz loves designing for the toy market, where he can let his imagination run free. That’s why he’s sketched over 2500 Rooozians, and more are “coming alive” each day! The Rooozians’ funny, whimsical appearance reflects Rooz’s own playful personality. These creatures had existed only in his brain until he finally sketched them out and brought them into our world. His wife, an experienced fashion designer, used his sketches to make patterns and handmade samples for the first set of characters while looking for the best materials and factories to produce the plush toys. It took three years to find a factory that could faithfully replicate Rooz’s drawings, but the results were worth it! RooozPlanet is a world of wonder, joy, and imagination.

We hope you enjoy our characters as much as we enjoy creating them!