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Picmix Strategy Game by Gigamic

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Flip and Spin as quick as you can!

Part of Gigamic's tin travel game series. Can you find the combination first?


Race to beat the other players!

PicMix is a fast card arranging game in which you layer your cards so that the images on your cards match the images in the middle of the table.





Double sided cards

Flip, rotate and layer your cards so they show only the same images on the center card

Compete with up to six players, each having their own cards.

Push your poise and balance, improve your flexibility, puzzle through how to draw just one more card… Yogi will surprise you with just how much you can get your body to do!

Add Yogi to your travel game collection!

Like all games in Gigamic's travel game line, PicMix fits in your backpack or purse for fun on the go. A great stocking stuffer too!