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Mixed Doubles Dice and Card Game

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MIXED DOUBLES is so fast and fun that you won’t ever want to stop playing! A risk-taking dice game of colorful combinations that takes just a few minutes to learn and 15 minutes to play. Kids and adults will have fun as they learn how to create new colors using the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. The goal is simply to earn as many points as you can by rolling the dice, making wagers, and mixing colors. The most exciting part is when you roll a double wild and win the jackpot; but, you’d better hope that you’re lucky since there’s only a 1.56% chance of rolling that combination! For ages 6+; 2-6 players/deck. It’s family-friendly; and, for fun with more than 6 players, just add another deck! Each game box includes 84 high-quality, colorful cards. Mixed Doubles makes a great gift - the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s easy to learn yet hard to put down. Plus, quick rounds give everyone a chance to win. It is simple enough for children, but also tons of fun for adults. The game has some risk-taking strategy and requires a bit of luck; it provides quality time away from phones and the television. This game is sure to provide lots of laughs and positive entertainment for all.

About this item

  • A risk-taking dice game of colorful combinations; if you are looking for a new dice and card game for the whole family, then the original MIXED DOUBLES is perfect for kids, tweens, teens, adults, families, and friends who love family-friendly board games and card games; 2-6 players per deck; ages 6+
  • The goal in this family game is simply to collect as many points as you can by rolling dice, making wagers, and mixing colors; pure fun for everyone from 6 year olds, all the way to grandparents; if you can roll dice and have fun with your loved ones, you can learn to play this exciting game
  • You will need both strategy and luck as you analyze the other players’ cards and determine if you will wager your cards; if you win your bet, you win the other players’ cards, your cards, and the cards in the jackpot; but, if you are unsuccessful in your wager, it will be much more challenging to win; this game is the perfect choice for parties, sleepovers, vacations, road trips, and summer camp; have fun playing this exciting social card and dice game everywhere
  • Easy-to-learn and quick to play; the best game for moms and dads that want their sons and daughters, and even neighbors and grandparents, to spend some quality time together and laugh; MIXED DOUBLES helps everyone disconnect from electronics and build relationships; Gamers of all ages enjoy this quick, tabletop game; easily addictive with each player wanting to play again and again; not just another quick play & forget card game that catches dust
  • The perfect gift; Our dice game makes an awesome gift and is the perfect stocking stuffer; for fun with more than 6 players, just add another deck; With two decks, this multiplayer party game can be enjoyed by up to 12 players; Mixed Doubles, go all in, steal cards, create new colors, win the jackpot