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The Original Shrinkles - Playful Puppy - Colour Shade and Decorate Fun Craft Activity - Ages 3+

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Shrinkles is a fun craft activity for the whole family! Draw, trace or colour in the pre-printed pictures, cut out your creation and ask an adult to pop it in the oven.
When baked, Shrinkles will S-H-R-i-n-k to 7 TIMES SMALLER and 7 times thicker than their original state. Create badges, key fobs, fridge magnets, figurines, pencil toppers, jewellery and lots more!


Shrinkles are a timeless classic craft activity enjoyed by children of all ages (3+). Because of the baking element, this is a great activity for families who want to spend quality time together. Shrinkles develop creativity, are easy to make, and result in lovely hand-made gifts. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE

Shrinkles come in a variety of popular design, including: pets, fantasy, wildlife, prehistoric, farm, fairytale, bugs, and so much more! Available in Bumper Packs, Mini Packs and Slim Packs.

2 x Large Themed Sheets, 1 Clear Sheet, 1 White Sheet, over 15 Accessory Attachments (Including Keyrings, Badges and Magnet Strips) and 12 Assorted Colouring Pencils MADE IN THE UK

Set Contains:

Colouring sheets; Colouring pencils; Accessories


About this item

  • WATCH THE MAGIC HAPPEN as your Shrinkle S-H-R-i-n-k-s to 7 times smaller and 7 times thicker!
  • FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY – Enjoyed by kids and adults, colouring, baking and decorating together
  • EASY CRAFT DAYS – Develop your child’s creativity & imagination with simple, step-by-step crafting
  • BUMPER PACK – 2 Themed Sheets, 1 Clear Sheet, 1 White Sheet, 15+ Accessory Options & 12 Pencils
  • DESIGNS FOR EVERYONE – Shrinkles are available in a variety of themes, designs and pack sizes